Welcome to Usrati, your world of unmatched benefits and support from Sharaf Exchange!

What is Usrati?

Usrati is Sharaf Exchange’s customer loyalty program. The word Usrati in Arabic means “My Family”. Right from the name, through its design, operation and management, Usrati offers benefits and support to every members, just as one would provide to members of one’s own family.

Grab your Usrati membership cards now! Visit the nearest branch of Sharaf Exchange to enroll.

Enrolling into Usrati:

Follow the below steps to get complete access to Usrati benefits!!

  1. Visit your nearest Sharaf Exchange outlet
  2. Ask to be enrolled into Usrati!
  3. You’re all set – just post a transaction with Sharaf Exchange once a month and you’re always covered as a loyal member of the Usrati family.

Usrati Transaction Benefit:

  1. To remain an active Usrati member, perform a remittance transaction with Sharaf Exchange at least once a month
  2.  If an Usrati member does at least 5 transactions in 6 consecutive months, then get the 6th transaction free of cost (OR get a free gift instead*). T&C Apply

Free Emergency Flight Tickets Benefit?

The benefit covers an active Usrati member, in 2 ways:

  1. It reimburses the expenses of your air travel to your home country and return, in the event of accidental death of a close relative. A close relative means Spouse (18 – 70 years), parent, parent-in-law, grandparents, child, child -in-law, sibling, sibling-in-law, grandchild, legal guardian, dependent or fiancé (e) of the Usrati member.
  2. It reimburses the expenses of air travel for a close relative from your home country to the UAE and return, in the event of an accident for you in the UAE, which requires continuous hospitalization of more than 15 days.

The above benefits can be claimed only one time within any 12 month period from the time of entering membership as long as the customer is an active Usrati Loyalty program member in line with the eligibility requirements capped at the maximum of AED 2,500 only. Members who have been active after March 20th 2019 can avail the benefits above.

To claim this benefit, the Usrati member should have done at least one remittance transaction with Sharaf Exchange within past 30 days counted to the date on which the emergency incident, defined above occurs.

Detailed terms and conditions, can be downloaded here (New Terms and Conditions)
In order to claim the benefits, please follow the steps as detailed in the document that can be 
downloaded here.
The Claim form can be 
downloaded here

Have another query?

We are at your service. Please feel free to reach out at 800 8111 citing your Usrati membership number, which is printed on your card.