Refer A Friend

Refer A Friend

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The Referral Program (“Referral Program”) is a program whereby Sharaf Exchange LLC (“SE”) offer its customers a referral reward for introducing their “friends” to Sharaf Exchange LLC as a NEW customer.

Under this program, SE intends to reward the “Referrer” as well as the “Referee” on enrolling as New customer to Sharaf Exchange LLC and bestow the reward to either party at the time of first remittance transaction done by the referee. "Referrer" is the Participant who will refer his/her friends and “Referee” is the Participant who is being referred.

1. Referral Program:
The program is designed to recognize loyalty of our existing customers and share their experience to their friends by referring them to SE as a NEW customer. The basic conditions of the program are:

  • • The Referrer should be SE's existing customer.
  • • The Referee should be a non-registered customer of SE or in other words, a NEW customer for Sharaf Exchange.
  • • The Referee must execute an outward remittance (through Sharaf Exchange's direct banking arrangement or through Instant Money Transfer Products) to qualify under this program.
  • • Remittances done through Western Union is excluded in this program.
  • • SE's employees are not entitled to participate in the program.
  • • Customer having Prepaid plans from Etisalat and Du are only eligible for this Referral Program.
  • • Virgin mobile Sim users are not eligible to participate in this Referral Program.
  • • One cannot refer himself/herself by using the referral code, any such attempt will disqualify the participant under this program.

The Referrer can refer his/her friends by a referral Code which is generated through the link shared by Sharaf Exchange, after updating the details of the Referrer i.e. Name, Email ID, Mobile Number & Emirates ID etc.

An existing customer shall be considered as a Referrer when the Referee has successfully onboarded and completed his/her first transaction at Sharaf Exchange. The incomplete, pending/rejection, refund transaction under this program shall be disqualified for availing the referral rewards.

2. Reward under the Program:
Once the Referee gets the referral Code, he/she need to visit any branch of Sharaf Exchange to execute an outward remittance transaction and upon doing so, he/she will automatically get enrolled in the eligibility criteria of referral reward as per the Referral Program. On completion of his/her first transaction at the branch, the Referee gets AED 5/- as mobile recharge credit on his/her local mobile and at the same time the Referrer gets AED 10/- mobile recharge credit on his local mobile number as a gratitude for referring a New customer to Sharaf Exchange. Customer will receive the reward within 24 hours from the time Referee completes his/her first transaction at Sharaf Exchange.

Participants are advised to update their correct mobile number which is registered with Sharaf Exchange.

3. Indemnity:
The Referrer agrees to indemnify SE and its affiliates against any unlawful claim/ damage/ expenses including litigation cost if occurs, if the program is being misused to deceive any customers.
Sharaf Exchange reserve the right to modify/withdraw the Referral Program or the T&C of this program at any time without any prior notification.

Frequent Asked Questions:

Q. Who can use this program?
A. Someone who is already a registered customer of Sharaf Exchange.

Q. What will I receive in terms of reward?
A. As a current offering, Referrer and Referee will receive mobile recharge credit on their local UAE Prepaid mobile numbers only.

Q. How much amount do I get for each referral?
A. Referrer will receive AED 10 mobile recharge credit whereas a Referee will receive AED 5 mobile recharge credit.

Q. When will a Referrer or Referee gets the reward?
A. Upon doing first outward remittance transaction by the Referee at Sharaf Exchange, Both Referrer and Referee will get reward.

Q. Do I get reward for any type of transaction performed by the Referee?
A. No. This program is only for Outward Remittance transaction. For easy understanding, if your Referee becomes Sharaf Exchange customer and also perform an outward remittance transaction (T & C apply) then you both will get reward from Sharaf Exchange.

Q : Do I get reward for every transaction done by the Referee at Sharaf Exchange?
A : No. You and Referee both will get only one time reward under the referral program. However, you can keep on referring new customers to Sharaf Exchange and upon doing the first transaction by the referee, you as a referrer will keep getting the reward for each referral.