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CurrencyDD/TTFC BuyFC Sell
SWEDISH-0.426 0.476
SINGAPORE DOLLAR2.7552.6342.774
AUS DOLLAR2.932.8342.934
UK POUND4.94.7834.913
TURKEY LIRA-.97301.05
NEPAL RUPEE.03546.033.0385
US DOLLAR3.693.663.68
CHINESE YUAN-0.53 0.582
NEW ZEALAND DOLLAR2.6752.5382.698
ETHIPOIAN BIRR.-0.11 0.175
SRILANKAN RUPEE.02404.022.0275
BANGLADESH TAKA.04545.0425.0485
INDONESIAN RUPIAH0.000278 0.0002480.000303
TUNIS DINAR1.551.421.56
TAIWAN DOLLAR-0.108 0.135
BRUNEI DOLLAR-2.574 2.774
DANISH KRONE-0.557 0.607
PHILIPPINE PESO.07170.071.0752
MALAYSIAN RINGGIT0.92 0.8250.902
JAPAN YEN0.03340 0.03060.0343
THAILAND BHAT0.11550.1080.1137
CANADIAN DOLLAR2.9952.8873.007
SWISS FRANC3.7953.6773.817
MOROCCO DIRHAM0.3960.395 0.46
YEMEN RIYAL0.00986-0.012
PAKISTAN RUPEE.035.0322.0373
INDIAN RUPEE.05667.0558.0598
SAUDI RIYAL0.9910.970.98
BAHRAIN DINAR9.89.659.76
KUWAIT DINAR12.2512.0812.2
OMAN RIAL9.69.59.55
JORDAN DINAR5.1945 5.1555.215
EGYPT POUND.2105.193.245
LABENESE POUND0.0024850.00210.0026

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