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Are you worried when you purchase foreign currency in UAE for your travel to outside countries? Not any more.
Are you concerned as a tourist about your needs to exchange foreign currencies to AED (Arab Emirate Dirhams) when you land in the United Arab Emirates? Not any more.
Now you can purchase the Sharaf Exchange Buy Back Guarantee and be free from all exchange rate fluctuations!
No Hassles. No Worries. Sharaf Exchange Buy Back Guarantee.
How does it work?
  1. When you exchange currencies at the participating Sharaf Exchange outlets in the UAE, please demand to purchase the Buy Back Guarantee.
  2. If the currency you are dealing in is included in the approved list of Buy Back Guarantee currencies, then our customer service executive shall create a special Buy Back Guarantee transaction for you.
  3. At a nominal charge of 1.49% of currency value in AED and our commission of AED 15/-, you can purchase the Sharaf Exchange Buy Back Guarantee for the currency.
How can you redeem the guarantee?
  1. Walk in to any of our participating outlets and produce the original Sharaf Exchange Buy Back Guarantee Receipt.
  2. Please note that the product is not transferrable and therefore the redemption can be done by the original purchaser only.
  3. Change your currency for the same rate that you purchased it initially and at Zero commission!
Standard Terms and Conditions:
  1. The guarantee is valid for 30 days from and including the date of transaction.
  2. This guarantee is non transferrable. The original guarantee transaction receipt along with the customer ID proof is mandatory for the redemption of the guarantee.
  3. The redemption of guarantee is allowed only once per guarantee receipt. In order to have the ability to invoke guarantees for different currencies at different times, please purchase separate guarantees.
  4. Sharaf Exchange LLC reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the Buy Back Guarantee without any intimation. The revised terms shall be made available at
  5. Maximum equivalent amount of AED 20,000 per currency transaction type is allowed per guarantee receipt.
Participating outlets:
  1. Dubai Airport T1
  2. Dubai Airport T2
  3. DWC Airport
  4. Bur Dubai (Only Redemption)

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